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For more years than we’d care to say, my husband and I visited Sonoma’s beautiful wine country.  It’s less than a two hour drive from our home in Silicon Valley and we enjoyed a variety of accommodations — from hotels and country inns to short-term vacation rentals.   Over time, our dream of someday owning a place in the wine country home slowly took wings and we began our search in earnest.

We spent more than two years inspecting a wide variety of homes in lots of different cities.  Many were pleasant, but none seemed to possess the kind of unique relaxing atmosphere and stylish possibilities  we envisioned.  We finally located the perfect home in Sonoma and fell in love.  Best of all, we were certain we could turn it into a place to share with others who come to enjoy this very special part of the world.

So in the fall of 2013, we began to improve ever so slightly on the magical space… creating a setting that that would enchant the senses while relaxing the mind and body.  We went to work on upgrading, improving and furnishing to transform our lovely Sonoma home into an ultimate vacation escape.

Having christened this lovely private domain the “Sonoma Gracious Getaway,” we’re proud to promise you a combination of comfortable surroundings consistent with the kind of exceptional accommodations you would expect to find only at highly coveted vacation destinations.

It is our highest hope that you’ll stay here and return again and again.

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